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By | October 21, 2020


In this “Covid-19” pandemic a new normal has emerged all over the world. Working from home, studying from home are examples of this new normal. Studying from home is a blessing for all types of students across the world. Online degree is a popular source of learning in this quarantine. These days students have a lot more options than ever when it comes to earning online degrees. Home-based study and online degrees are saving precious times for students in this pandemic as all the campus-based activity is not allowed.

Online Degrees

If you are in Canada and searching for online degrees in particular, then you can easily find a wide variety of bachelor’s, master’s, associate and doctoral degree programs at hundreds of great institutions. As campus-based programs aren’t allowed so currently they are not the only game in town. An appreciation is deserved for Canadian online universities as they were able to do a rise in accredited programs at their universities. Students can utilise their quarantine time for a great purpose by the help of these online degrees.

Higher Online Education in Canada

The path which would eventually lead to a variety of online degree programs in Canada goes back nearly 230 years, to the establishment of the University of King’s College in Nova Scotia in 1789. The current provincial university model began more than half a century later, with the opening of the University of Toronto in 1850, and more followed as the years progressed.

There are almost 100 public and private universities in Canada. You will also find numerous community and junior colleges in Canada. All these institutions serve approximately 2 million full and part-time students.

We compiled this list with some of the best universities which are providing online degrees in Canada. You will get a picture of Canada’s commitment to distance education after checking out this list. Here it is as follows:

Top Online University in Canada

Athabasca University

Though they have a long history in higher education, they started their distance learning program later in 1973. They provided their first MBA degree online in 1994. In recent times, they offer online courses as well as campus-based courses.

Laurentian University

Laurentian University was ranked among the top 12 undergraduate institutions in 2020. They have a great reputation for operating as a campus-based university, but still it offers some online degree programs which are mostly business-oriented.

McGill University

McGill University is earning great ranks from marking agencies these days. They have a great number of courses to offer their students. Their main campus is in Montreal and it is their main focus. But they also offer online courses to their students for some important courses.

Royal Roads University

Royal Roads University has a few Bachelor’s degree programs. Their majority of programs are mainly designed for graduates and postgraduates students. Key feature of this university is they provide both online and classroom-based programs.

Thompson Rivers University

Thompson Rivers University is a huge university consisting 20000 students. All their students mainly attend on-campus course programs. But still they offer their major courses to the online students. In this pandemic, they are offering online degrees to the students.

University of Fredericton

University of Fredericton offers all their accredited courses online to their students. They have a great on-campus education system. They are earning high marks in rankings day by day because of their great study programs. But they are the only university that offers all their courses offline and online.

University of Manitoba

University of Manitoba is a great place for the foreign students to complete their Bachelor’s, graduates and postgraduate degrees. Most of their students attend on-campus classes. But still more than 140 courses are offered through their online study program.

Yorkville University

Last but not least is Yorkville University. They have a great on-campus education system. But still they take all their classes online and provide the students online degrees in Canada. They provide all their study materials and course notes online so that the students can atudy properly from their home.

Though all these universities offered online programs and degrees before, only a few people were interested in taking these programs. But in this corona pandemic, this was their only option so all the universities in Canada have to offer online courses and degrees to the students.

Wrap Up

If you are looking for a place to take online courses in Canada, then you should choose any of the above-mentioned universities. To learn more about the educational opportunities available to you in Canada, then make sure to check out the websites of these universities. You will get the proper insight about the courses from there.


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